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Green Energy Savings Limited is an innovative alternative energy company that offers consultancy, sales and installation of energy savings devices in Jamaica Island wide. Nominee from Jamaica Environmental Trust in Energy Conservation.

GESL is one of the leading distributors of energy efficient products in Jamaica, which includes LED lighting fixtures and LED bulbs, inverter air conditioning units, Gas and Solar Water Heaters and customizable solar Grid and off grid systems.

Green Energy Savings Limited is committed to providing products that are efficient; decrease household and commercial energy usage as well provide a clean renewable form of energy for Jamaica.

Our LED bulbs and Lighting Fixtures are the best in the island. Designed to be used in Jamaica using Dual Voltage and 50Htz. All Watts and types available.

Distributors are welcome.

We distribute only the best Micro Inverter Solar Systems in the world using the best technology to allow you to produce more energy for both commercial and residential use. With Enphase you can start small and grow big. Grid Tie using no Batteries.
Call for details (876) 946-3166

Technical Support and installation provided by Konnexx. All technicians are factory trained and supervised by their engineers. They provide 24 Hz Technical support for Green Energy Savings Limited.

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Bring your JPS bill with you and we will show you the way to go Solar and give you a FREE consultation.

GESL will show you the way to reduce your energy cost.