Why use Enphase Solar?

  • Micro Inverters produce more Energy than a standard string inverter.
  • Enphase Solar has market share in the USA
  • No batteries to maintain.
  • Enphase Solar Equipment is warranted for 10 years in Jamaica.
  • Enphase Technical support is 24 Hour customer supported.
  • With Enphase you can start small and grow to any size in parts.
  • Enphase Micro Inverters has a 99% no fire risk.
  • Enphase is recognized worldwide as the leading micro inverter.
  • Using a Micro Inverter your system will have less shading issues.
  • Easy Monitoring and tracking software using your smart phone or computer with weekly emails and updates.
  • Enphase is residential or commercial.
  • Over 110 patents worldwide.
  • Enphase is Simple to install and Use.
  • More power in low light conditions.
  • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • 215 and 250 Watt available in Jamaica 50 Hz.
  • Easy cabling and less equipment inside your location.

This is just a few reasons why your choice in Solar should be Enphase Solar provided by Green Energy Savings Limited.